I am so excited to share my acupuncture and integrative medicine blog! First, I want to introduce myself and talk a little about my journey to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is such a privilege to have studied this medicine and now treating patients with acupuncture, cupping and Chinese herbs here in Austin, TX. My journey began a little over a decade ago when I was first introduced to acupuncture by my primary care physician. I was battling migraines and my physician was hesitant to give me medication. He noted that I was too young to be on medication daily and that I needed to sort out alternative treatments before he would go ahead and write me a prescription. He told me to try acupuncture first.

An MD suggested I try acupuncture before giving drugs? YES! I’m that lucky! I am from a beautiful small town in Southwest Wisconsin where many people are open to integrative medicine. After four treatments with the acupuncturist, my debilitating migraines that were occurring at least twice a month, were gone. And they stayed away for three years until I needed a couple of “tune up treatments” in college.

My undergraduate studies focused on the biomedical sciences, nutrition and Spanish. I was always planning on going into the medical field. After job shadowing an acupuncturist and naturopathic physician, Dr. Bee Lo from Onalaska, Wisconsin who would later become my mentor, during undergrad as well as working in medical clinics as a nursing assistant I observed both avenues of health care - Eastern and Western Medicine. After a great amount of time and thought I realized that integrative medicine would be my path to helping others.

With that, I look forward to sharing personal insights and research articles in this blog that will be intended to help others live a happy, healthy lifestyle!

Mari Galle, MAcOM, LAc

#acupuncture #integrativemedicine #austin #texas #health #wellness #nutrition

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